Project Team

May 23, 2016

Who are the i-desme researchers?

Dr. Christos Dimopoulos (project coordinator & principal investigator) received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Uniersity of Sheffield. His PhD thesis described the application of Genetic Programming in the area of production research. He is currently employed as an Associate Professor in Computer Science in European University Cyprus. He is also employed as a researcher at the EUC Research Centre Ltd. His research work covers the areas of production research, software engineering, and educational technology. He is particularly focused on the development of interdisciplinary research applications for the solution of real-life problems and the provision of educational services. His research accomplishments include a considerable number of refereed articles and book chapters published in academic journals and edited books, as well as a considerable number of refereed publications presented in major international conferences. In 2002 he received the ‘Outstanding Paper of the Year Award’ by the Neural Networks Council of IEEE for his publication “Recent developments in evolutionary computation for manufacturing optimisation: problems, solutions and comparisons” in the journal ‘IEEE Transactions in Evolutionary Computation’. He is currently participating (and has participated in the past) as research collaborator in European and Cypriot-level research projects.

Dr. Areti Chouchourelou (participating in cognitive analysis modeling) obtained her Ph.D. degree in Experimental Psychology in 2006. She has been working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences of European University Cyprus, since September 2007. She is also employed as a researcher at the EUC Research Centre Ltd. Areti has actively participated in research projects on the development of computational models of categorization and decision making.

Dr. George Papageorgiou (individual researcher participating in organizational & technological analysis modeling) gained a First Class Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the City University of London, UK. Further he is holder of Master of Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems. His research interests concentrate on Organizational Dynamics and the Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems.

Dr. Julien Cegarra (participating in cognitive analysis modeling) received his PhD (2004) from the University of Paris in Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. He is currently assistant professor in the CLLE laboratory (Cognition, Language, Ergonomics) at the University of Toulouse. His research interests focus on the design of human-machine cooperation in optimisation-related problems (such as industrial planning and scheduling, vehicle dispatching and routing problems)

Mr. George Gabriel is the Managing Director of Aphrodite Delights (Yeroskipos) Ltd. He has a BA degree in Business Studies and Computing. Since 1994 Mr. Gabriel has taken over the business and has introduced a culture of research and development into the company leading to a change in the production of traditional products of Cyprus. He is one of the first Business Directors in Cyprus to apply PGI/PDO branding of products, and one of the first Business Directors to be involved in high-standard research programs and co-operations on a global scale.

Dr Alexandros Michaelides (participating in dissemination activities) completed his Ph.D. degree in the sector of Metallurgy and Materials Technology of NTUA. Dr. Michaelides established RTD Talos Ltd. In 2000. Talos is a development organisation dealing with research, technology and innovation issues. Dr. Michaelides is a member of the Board of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and the Cyprus Committee for the Lisbon Strategy.

Mr. Angelos Gregoriou is one of the Dynamic Works co-founders. He is the main inspirer of EasyConsole Framework and the main contributor during the creation of the software. He has enormous experience in building reliable website applications. His extensive experience in developing advanced web solutions as well as his ability to analyse, observe, suggest and perform solutions, servicing the software needs of organizations in the best possible way, makes him the right person for the needs analysis and implementation of this project.