Project Consortium

May 23, 2016

What organisations participate in the i-desme network?

EUC Research Centre LTD: The evolution of the prior Cyprus College Research Centre, established with its previous status in 2003 and functions as an independent, private and non profit making organization since April 2008. The EUC Research Centre is one of the leading research institutions in Cyprus, widely known due to its significant success in conducting innovative research. During the last five years, it has developed important action in a wide research spectrum of ICT, Business, Socioeconomic Sciences, Health Sciences and Humanities through coordination and participation in national, international and EU funded research programmes. The researchers of the EUC Research Centre has successfully received funding from national and European funding programmes, including the Life-Long Learning 2007-2013 programme, the FP7 programme, the Research Promotion Foundation, other programmes from the Directorates of the European Commission, the United Nations, Governmental Bodies and others. Up to the present day it has conducted more than 25 internationally funded research programmes and more than 30 from national funds.

Université de Toulouse, CLLE laboratory (Cognition, Language, Ergonomics): A combined research unit (UMR 5263) under the dual management of the CNRS (French National Research Agency) and the French Ministry for Education and Research. It is based on two sites:University of Toulouse and University of Bordeaux. The research unit is made up of 13 Full-time researchers, 52 Assistant professors and Professors and 10 “ITAs” (engineers, technicians, administrators) and 70 doctoral and post-doctoral students, not to mention the honorary or associate researchers. As its name mentions, this laboratory’s objective has been to establish a large research unit about cognition, the diversity of languages and work situations.

Aphrodite Delights: A family SME business that specializes in traditional Cypriot sweets. It has managed to combine and utilize the experience of three generations, the knowledge of the global market in traditional products, contacts with groups of producers and engineers and the qualified staff and the services of Rtd Talos Ltd. The company has recently built a new factory which serves as an exemplary leader to other factories that produce traditional products. Besides production of traditional products, the company also focuses on research and development. The company is involved in 3 research programs. It employs a total of 9 employees of which 2 are food technologists. The company is also the first to be awarded the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for its main product, Loukoumi Geroskipou.

RTD Talos: A Development Organisation based in Cyprus. Talos core mission is to act as the link between the Cyprus Government, Research Institutions and Cyprus Enterprises (especially SMEs), providing support and complementing the efforts of the above organisation concerning matters of Regional Development, Research, Technological Development and Innovation. Talos is a founding member of theERMIS Research & Incubator Center, a Business Incubator, which is funded by the Cyprus Government. Talos has participated or is participating in 35 EU funded projects (5th, 6th,7 th Framework Programme (FP), in one as coordinator) and 23 National Research Programmes, in many of them as a coordinator. Since January the 1st, 2008 Talos is a partner in the newly established Business Support Center in Cyprus funded by the CIP Programme.

Dynamic Works Ltd: A software development company offering advanced Content Management System (CMS) driven web solutions as well as complete Customer Relationship Management (eCRM), eHelpDesk, Computer Telephony Integration Software (CTI) Intranet, Extranet and Office Automation Software solutions. Dynamic Works has participated successfully in important research projects (e.g. DROMOLOGIA, DIAKERD). A large number of reliable software applications have been developed based on the company’s own Software Framework; Dynamic Works provides solutions to Academic, Financial as well as International and Public organizations.