Methodology & Activities

May 23, 2016

How is i-desme implemented?

The methodology of developing the framework process is based on the analysis of human, organizational and technological characteristics of scheduling tasks, and the integration of their interdisciplinary considerations within a software engineering lifecycle. The proposed process is being developed and validated through the design, implementation and testing of a scheduling DSS for the case of ‘Aphrodite Delights’, a Cypriot SME of the food processing industry.

The project activities start with the implementation of scientific studies for the analysis of the current scheduling environment from the human, organizational and technological perspectives. The findings of the initial phases lead to the development of a requirements specification document which describe and model the functional and non-functional requirements of the new support system in an interdisciplinary manner. The specifications document provide the platform for the implementation of the system and its deployment in the scheduling environment of the company. The testing results of the system’s deployment are used as input for the finalization of the proposed framework process.