P&OM 2012: Presentation of i-desme results

Dr. Christos Dimopoulos, the i-desme project coordinator and principal investigator, has presented the paper entitled “Interdisciplinary Modelling of Scheduling Environments: A Case Study”, during the Production & Operations Management 2012 World Conference, which took place from the 1st until the 5th of July in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The paper describes the results from the modelling phase of the i-desme project. You can read the abstract of the paper in the following paragraph. The full paper is available on request from the project coordinator.

Abstract: This paper presents an interdisciplinary methodology for the modelling of scheduling processes in realistic manufacturing environments. The proposed methodology utilizes a 3-dimensional approach in order to specify the organizational, cognitive and technological characteristics of a scheduling process. The application of the methodology is illustrated for the case of a typical Cypriot SME company, which specializes in the production of traditional sweets. The modelling results of the case study indicate that the proposed methodology can provide the basis for the development of scheduling Decision Support Systems which offer meaningful assistance to human schedulers.

The research presented in this paper is funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation’s Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2009-2010 (DESMI 2009-2010, TEXNOLOG/MHXAN/0609(BIE)/05). This framework is co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund.

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